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Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Initiatives


Each community in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) has programs which attempt to reduce the risk of diabetes among youth and adults through healthy lifestyle programing.  

These programs include seven contribution agreements made with every District Education Authority (DEA) in the ISR to hire school breakfast coordinators, five contribution agreements with local community corporations to hire coordinators for northern games and funding so that community members can travel to Inuvik to attend the Country Food Processing Methods course, enabling them to learn different ways to prepare country foods.  

Have questions about our diabetes initiatives? Send us an email

This program also funds an annual Inuvialuit Diabetes Journey, where nominated participants from across the ISR come to Inuvik for a week to learn about diabetes from various health professionals. These include doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, pharmacists, stress counsellors and community champions. 

Mental Health and Wellness

The wellness team at Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) works both individually and collectively to support individual clients uniquely based on their needs.

They oversee and facilitate ongoing wellness programming such as Project Jewel (on-the-land wellness program) as well as collaborate with community partners to deliver programming or workshops when needs arise. The IRC wellness team has partnered with schools in the region, Community Corporations, Beaufort-Delta Health and Social Services, Victim Services and other organizations to provide applicable programming as needed.

The team also collaborates internally within the Community Development Division at IRC to deliver programs or services of mutual interest within the Resolution Health Support Program, Early Childhood Programs and with the Regional Dietician to name a few.

The Wellness Team


Peggy Day
Tel: (867) 777-7064
Fax: (867) 777-4023

Peggy assists with the hands-on delivery of after care plans as well as assists clients in navigation of the current system for support in the Beaufort Delta Region.



Jimmy Ruttan
Tel: (867) 777-7084
Fax: (867) 777-4023


Jimmy oversees and manages the day-to-day tasks and logistics required for Project Jewel’s success. He will also assist the After Care Coordinator with the development of after care plans and navigation of the current system for support in the Beaufort Delta Region.



Rita Green
Tel: (867)977-2076


Rita is the first point of contact for many clients, and can provide referrals, follow-ups and facilitate personal development for clients and works in partnership with the Child, Youth and Family Counsellors, Community Health Representatives and others (e.g. probation officer, school counsellor, youth workers, etc.) to promote wellness for residents of Tuktoyaktuk.

She also provides education and prevention initiatives for the community to achieve a better understanding of the issues surrounding cultural identity, mental health, addictions and family violence.

Rita works to ensure that client needs are met through appropriate education, referral, after care and basic counselling.



Meghan Etter
Tel: (867) 777-7085
Fax: (867) 777-5210


Meghan is responsible for overseeing program delivery, budgets, reporting and overall wellness team activity. She will network and partner with other organizations to ensure continuity of care and collaboration.

In addition, Meghan references and works in partnership with different strategic plans, where Inuvialuit have been involved, to gain insight into programs and services required for mental wellness improvement.


If you want to learn more about current wellness initiatives, please contact:

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation 
Health and Wellness
107 Mackenzie Road
Bag Service #21
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
Tel: (867) 777-7088
Fax: (867) 777-4023