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Inuvialuit Business List (IBL)

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) has established a policy that outlines the eligibility criteria to be listed as an Inuvialuit business on the Inuvialuit Business List (IBL). The criteria includes requirements relating to Inuvialuit ownership, physical presence and operational capacity.

Applicants that fail to meet the eligibility criteria will not be included on the IBL. Likewise, businesses on the IBL that cease to meet the required criteria will also be removed from the list.

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A listing on the IBL provides Inuvialuit businesses with the opportunity to access the contracting preferences as outlined in the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, Inuvialuit Land Administration permits, Cooperation and Benefits Agreements and other economic agreements signed between IRC, government and industry.

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Business Listings

Aklak Air

Aklak Air is proud to have been serving the Inuvialuit Settlement Region for 20 years as the primary provider of air transportation. During that time, we have delivered dependable scheduled, cargo and charter air services, as well as specialized community services such as food mail and medevac.

Canadian Helicopters provides support services for: diamond drilling, Seismic drilling, environmental monitoring and field services, ice checking, marine passenger travel (offshore), seismic data a

Business Association,
Development Corporation.


Goods and Services:

Tour - operator.

Beaufort Mechanical Services (BMS) is a prime mechanical contractor offering commercial and industrial mechanical services from its head office in Inuvik, NT.


Canadian North and its founding companies (Canadian Airlines, Pacific Western Airlines, Transair, Nordair) has proudly served Canada’s North with passenger and cargo services for more than 80 years