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Apply for Land Use

The administration of rights on Territorial lands is largely the responsibility of various Federal and Territorial agencies, with Inuvialuit typically providing comment on applications. 

Information regarding the use of Territorial lands should be directed to the Government of Northwest Territories Department of Lands. In the case of National Parks, it is best to contact Parks Canada or Environment and Climate Change Canada.  

However, access to Inuvialuit private lands that is more than casual and individual in nature requires permission from Inuvialuit. Accordingly, Inuvialuit Land Administration (ILA) issues rights to access both 7(1)(a) and 7(1)(b) lands (see below).

The Inuvialuit own a total of 1,172,749 square kilometres in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. This includes both surface and subsurface rights to 12,950 square kilometres (referred to as 7(1)(a) lands) and surface rights (including rights to granular resources) to a further 77,700 square kilometres (referred to as 7(1)(b) lands).

Land Use Application System

ILA utilizes an internet-based Land Use Application System (LUAS), which allows applicants to submit applications to and work with ILA online throughout the project cycle.

The Land Use Application System provides:

  • A portal for proponents to make applications online.
  • Proactive comment management for stakeholders.
  • Access to project details for members of the public.

Submit a Land Use Application